Affordable Bespoke Mobile Friendly Websites
website building
Website for Borland C fans.
Boutique E-Commerce System
A monolithic bespoked e-commerce application built as a replacement to multiple system's within the company.
Boutique Whitening Dentist Finder App
View the practice details on the map
Boutique Whitening dentist finder is a unique app built to help people find a local dental practice for all of their dental needs. People can either search their local area and browse a list dentists or by using the map to show find out more information on a local practice. If they don't want to browse around they can use their postcode to help narrow down the practices located near their postcode.
Boutique Whitening Voucher QR Code Scanner
Application update available
An application used to validate vouchers with QR codes supplied to laboratories by dentists that get whitening kits made. The application is running on a laptop with an encrypted custom Linux operating system built specifically for the project.
Everything Dental Dentist Finder
Search with map
A massive world wide dentist finder application to help people find their local dentist practice.
Contact form
An open source ASCII captcha used to help protect forms from getting spam attacks.
An 80s language by an 80s kid for the modern world!
Quick Straight Teeth Dentist Finder App
Searching for a dentist with the map
Due to the success of the Boutique Whitening dentist finder app, a rebrand was carried out and released for another site called Quick Straight Teeth.
Warehouse Stock Management System
Stock overview
Stock management system for managing stock across multiple sites and ordering of stock with suppliers.
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